The first step towards assembling and completing a good design is to clarify my client’s
objectives, constraints, and aesthetics. Therefore I ask a lot of questions.

Our first meeting will be to assess your needs & goals and to begin to recognize any constraints that may exist. If applicable, I take notes and a photo survey of favorite belongings that we may incorporate into the space(s).

Sometimes it takes a bit of research to know what feels authentic for you; you can feel free to bounce your ideas off of me; I will respond immediately to your communications via emails, texts and phone.

Based on our initial meeting and follow up conversations I will create a proposal describing the scope of work your project requires.



• Concept Design Development and Space Planning

• Drawings: existing conditions, design solutions through plans and elevations,
   and notes/drawings showing electrical needs.

• Specification, procurement and fabrication of materials and finishes

• Installation

• Site visits until hand-off

• Interfacing with the contractors and architect

• Project management (if wanted)


My Fees

My fees will be either on an hourly basis or can be a fixed fee dependent upon the scope of work. Typically a flat fee is the best way to approach a comprehensive project. Since I pass along all of my designer discounts to my clients, my compensation comes from the time and effort I am giving you. Every project is different and must be assessed individually.


provides creative, practical, and comprehensive residential interior design and project management services.

My practice addresses whole house interiors, with a specialty in kitchens, bathrooms and custom cabinetry.

Helping clients to clarify their
wish-lists, and to recognize what they find pleasing is the foundation for my design process.

Whether the style is described as Modern/Contemporary, Transitional, or Traditional/Country, the key descriptors I’d use are: clean, inviting and elegant.